What is The Snuggie?


The idea is pretty simple. Have you ever found yourself putting on a sweater or sweatshirt and then snuggling up with a blanket? The Snuggie puts these together to give you the ultimate snuggling experience! Snuggie - The Blanket with Sleeves.

Now, with Snuggie, you no longer have to carry your blanket with you as you move around the house. The Snuggie stays on and keeps you snuggled. No blanket can do that! Don’t worry about keeping your blanket hanging on your shoulders anymore. Get Snuggie and experience the ultimate snuggling experience!

Order Snuggie today and receive a second Snuggie for FREE! Choose from Burgundy, Royal Blue, or Sage Green in Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s sizes. Also included in each order is a FREE compact book light.

Now you can order Designer Snuggies for high fashion comfort like only Snuggies can provide or design your own Custom Snuggies! College Snuggies are also available so you can root for your alma mater while sporting your Collegiate Snuggie. This just in...Snuggies for Kids are now available!

The Snuggie - Why You’ll Love It

The Snuggie is much more than just a simple blanket. Here is why:

  • Blankets slip and slide around. The Snuggie stays in place!
  • When you’re wrapped up in a blanket, your arms are trapped. Not so with the Snuggie !
  • The Snuggie is made of super soft, thick fleece.
  • Don’t want to feel smothered? No need to worry, the Snuggie is oversized to insure supreme comfort.
  • With the Snuggie, one-size fits all!
  • The Snuggie is available in three colors: Burgundy, Royal Blue, and Sage Green.
  • SPECIAL OFFER! Each Snuggie order comes with a Free Book Light AND, if you order today, you’ll receive a 2nd set FREE!

Designer Snuggies Now Available!

If you are looking for a Snuggie that offers a little more in the way of fashion, look no further than the Designer Snuggie! The Designer Snuggie comes in several high fashion styles guaranteed to not only keep you warm, but also keep you in style!

College Snuggies Now Available!

Every college student wants to cheer for their team. Now you can AND stay warm and toasty with College Snuggies! Pick from over 50 major Universities including the University of Michigan, University of Florida, and University of Kentucky!

Kids Snuggies Now Available!

Kids love Snuggies too. Don't leave your favorite little one out in the cold, get them Snuggies for Kids today! Act now and you'll get a second Snuggie for Kids absolutely FREE and a super-soft pair of Slipper Socks - also for FREE (you pay seperate s/h).

Snuggie Video

Check out the Snuggie video and see how wonderful and snuggly the Snuggie really is! With the Snuggie, you‘re surrounded by luxurious fleece with oversized sleeves.

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Snuggies News

The band, Weezer, has released their very own custom Snuggie. Available in blue, it comes with a copy of their latest album, Ratitude. Pretty cool stuff from a pretty cool band. Who would have thought that Snuggies would become this popular?